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Say Bye to Cataracts -  Experience Clear Vision

Eliminate clouding of the lens


Cataracts Awareness

Cataracts is the clouding of the lens that leads to blurriness. Cataract can be caused by age, trauma, diabetes, toxic substances, certain medicines or by birth.



Blurry vision, sensitivity to light, double vision, trouble in distinguishing colors such as blue or purple, frequent changes to glasses or contacts prescriptions.


Doctor will test your vision and examine your eyes with a slit lamp microscope to look for problems with the lens and other parts of the eye.



At Laser Vision Centre, treatment is performed via phacoemulsification (phaco) where the doctor makes a tiny incision in the eye and breaks up the lens using ultrasound waves. The lens is removed, and an intraocular lens (IOL) is put in its place. The pricing is based on the type of lens implanted and we provide Indian Lens, Iriflex (German lens), Rayner (British lens) and Alcon (American lens). 

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