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Analytics Lead

We want to convert our data from atoms to bits. Our historical data exists in raw paper files. We’re looking for a seasoned expert in analytics to spearhead a company-wide digitization initiative.

What you'll do 


  • Digitization: Convert raw data from hard paper files into flat files that can be uploaded to AWS cloud storage. This will probably require manual data entry, we’re looking forward to your plan on undertaking this initiative as part of the interview process. End-state: every business user can run queries and extract insights from the data. 

  • Acquisition: Build dashboards and monitor our Google AdWords and Facebook performance. Create a data-driven optimization process to maximize ROI and reduce CAC across all channels. 

  • Event tracking: Improve our on-site instrumentation by tying campaign level data to key actions users take on-site (e.g. fill pricing form, book appointment, subscribe to our "eye care guide" newsletter, etc) 

  • Retention: Automate tracking process of our lead conversion drip campaigns, monitor progress, and optimize based on data insights.  

  • On-premise: Build a robust system to capture user walk-in data and measure attribution from online efforts. Use this system to feed our experimentation framework to measure the success of our north star i.e # of eye surgeries completed 

  • Extract actionable insights from data about our users (e.g. understanding the core motivations of a user to get laser treatment, identifying the median time it takes for a lead to convert after subscribing, figuring out top reasons why a lead would not walk-in their scheduled appointment, etc)


  • Create a central data ecosystem that ingests data from all 3 locations (Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad) and provide daily actionable intelligence to drive growth strategies for each location. 

  • Capture corneal data and design machine learning algorithms to predictively diagnose diseases such as diabetes, etc. 


  • 5+ years of analytics experience + Bachelor or Master degree in a quantitative discipline

  • Proficiency in SQL

  • Proficiency in a scripting language such as Python or R preferred

  • Experience with experimentation (A/B testing, stat. sig. calcs) 

  • 2+ years as a manager or an analytics project lead 

  • Strong communication skills, specifically driving projects in a leadership role

  • Operations experience is a plus

  • ETL experience is a plus

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