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Patient-First is our Core Value


Free Post-LASIK Visits

We provide free follow-up visits after LASIK treatment. This is because we are on a mission of unmatched patient satisfaction.

Free LASIK Guarantee

If a few years later, your vision deteriorates -- then we will provide you free LASIK treatment again. This guarantee means we stand by our results.

+10% Patients Kindly Declined

LASIK is not fit for everyone. We have strong selection criteria based on corneal thickness and other conditions. If the patient does not meet it we recommend against the LASIK procedure. This is because the patient comes first (not our monetary benefit). 

Fixed & Transparent Pricing

We believe pricing is part of care and better care should never mean higher costs. Price is important but your eyes more so. Avoid offers that sound too good to be true. Learn more about cost of LASIK here.

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