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Digital Operations Associate 

We’re looking for a relentless operator to run, manage, and optimize our growth machine. This covers all digital operations: acquisition, activation, retention, referral loops, analytics, and site modifications.

What you'll do 


  • Manage newsletter ops: content production, mail list management and design/content modification (e.g. adding relevant promotions / site-wide announcements to the weekly newsletter) 

  • Monitoring and sharing daily updates from our end-to-end quantitative growth model. Keeping pulse of our daily, weekly, and monthly performance against historical averages 

  • Run lead conversion ops: deploying drip campaigns via Mailchimp, monitoring performance by touchpoint, calling patients to understand their core motivations, tailoring campaigns based on conversation intelligence, maintaining lead conversion datasets, etc 

  • Capturing on-premise walk-in data by collaborating with reception staff and analytics to attribute online conversions by marrying walk-ins with our lead gen. database 

  • Collaborate with analytics to digitize our historical data from raw hard paper files 

  • Run our growth loop operations and maintain patient relationships to increase participation 

  • Increase our content verticals in retention campaigns (for example, launch customer testimonial campaigns to maximize social proof and sense of safety for future prospects). 



  • Help us design a process that ensures patients don’t have to wait > 5 minutes after arriving for online appointments. Gone are the days when patients had to wait for hours at a hospital in Pakistan. We want to set the industry standard in this regard by leveraging digital solutions. 


  • Bachelor’s degree, Finance, Business, Economics, or relevant fields preferred

  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel/Google sheets (pivot tables, vlookups)

  • Ability to move quickly and desire to own projects from day one  

  • Excellent project management and organizational skills 

  • Excellent communication and ability to interact and build trust across all levels of the business

We’re looking for a disciplined operator who can hustle, drive outcomes, own all the work streams and continuously think of ways to innovate. 

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