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Full-stack Engineer

We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to build patient-centric digital solutions that’ll improve lives in Pakistan.

What you'll do 

  • Migration: Migrate our site from the current web-development service to a code-based site. This unlocks faster site load speed and gives us the ability to build future custom product features. We will initiate this workstream from day one. 


  • Develop new features: Partner with team to define quarterly product roadmap and launch new features that improve the lives of our patients. Patients experience various pain-points that can be solved by technology, for example, enable patients to access their medical files online, continuously connect with doctors, self-monitor their eye health, and conduct self-evaluation tests for LASIK eligibility, etc.

  • Growth experiments: Partner with analytics to build experimentation infrastructure (e.g. splitting traffic by test treatment and implementing instrumentation). Partner with team to understand and inform the experiment roadmap, and launch new experiments on a weekly basis (e.g. optimizing growth loop by implementing WhatsApp integration) 


  • Mobile app: Partner with creative lead to design patient-centric UX and develop our mobile app to enhance our connectivity with our patients.  


  • Site management: Add new custom pages, make modifications (e.g. site-wide promotion announcements, etc), and update business information as needed. 


  • Strong full-stack background 

  • Proficient of web front-end technology (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JS libraries, React/Redux)

  • Proficient with API development (JSON Calls) for iOS and Android and a full-stack web PHP developer.

  • Experience with integration of payment gateways and SDKs for Java, Ruby, JavaScript, iOS, Android.

  • Knowledge of data infrastructure (SQL and NoSQL databases).

  • Can demonstrate empathy for patients and an in-depth understanding of user-facing feature development.

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