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We Welcome Patients Who Wish to Travel to Pakistan to Avail Our High Standard Eyecare Services

For All Your Eyecare Needs, We've Got You Covered

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The prices for our entire range of services are fixed, whether you’re a local patient or international.

Find out about our pricing packages here:

Technology and Standard

Laser Vision Centre pioneered refractive surgery in Pakistan over 22 years ago. Since then we have conducted over 500,000 refractive procedures.


We use World Class Technology for all procedures, the same Technology that is being used by the best ophthalmic practices across the world.

Find out about our latest technology here:

Super Convenient Follow Ups

To ensure complete patient satisfaction, we offer 3 free follow ups after both Lasik and Femto Lasik procedures


Always at Your Service

In case you have any questions or concerns after you have returned abroad, you can easily contact us through any of the following methods:


  • Direct Phone Call

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Website Help Chat

  • Email

  • WhatsApp

We are always available to help you out


Planning Your Trip to Pakistan


Although we offer 3 types of laser treatments, we advise Overseas Patients to opt for either Lasik or Femto Lasik due to the quick recovery time of both procedures.


We will advise you to come to us at the beginning of your trip so we may check your eligibility for laser treatment. This will also ensure that you have enough time for at least 2 follow-ups after the procedure.


If you wish to get both the check-up and the procedure done on the same day, you can visit us in our morning hours. This is because we might need to dilate your eyes for 3 to 4 hours before the procedure. 

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