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Eye Care Tips In Monsoon

Monsoon season brings itself a large number of eye diseases. So it is very important to take care of your eyes especially during monsoon. Eye care is must for protecting your eyes.

Eye care is very important during monsoon season. For some people monsoon is very enjoyable time. They love to get drench in rain water especially after scorching heat. But sometimes it becomes dreadful as it brings a lot of viral infections with it.

Therefore eye care is must for the protection of eyes. Some of the common eye problems during monsoon are conjunctivitis, eye stye, dry eyes, corneal ulcers and many others. A little care can go a long way in preventing infections and keep your eyes healthy so that you can enjoy the rains during monsoon.

Let’s have a look at some infections that are very common during monsoon.

Eye Stye

A stye is an infection that causes a painful lump along the eyelid. Styes are rampant during monsoon and are usually caused by bacterial infections. It can be cure at home with the help of little care and medications.

Dry eyes

Dry eye is another eye infection in which there is a constant flow of water from eyes. This continuous flow of water from eyes cause dry eyes and lead to irritation, pain and blur vision. This is cause by exposure to dust and pollutants. So it is vital to take care of ayes during monsoon.

Corneal ulcer

Cornea is the thin clear structure over iris. A severe infection of cornea is called corneal ulcer. It’s a very serious infection as it causes severe pain, blur vision and pus discharge also. The affected person should immediately consult an eye specialist.

Here are some valuable eye care tips that can keeps infections at bay.
  • The first and foremost tip is that don’t touch your eyes with dirty hands and also discourage your kids to not to touch your eyes. Clean your hands thoroughly.

  • When you go outside keep antibacterial lotion with you. Avoid using lenses during monsoon and never share lenses solution with anyone and if it is necessary to use then clean it carefully before and after use. For the protection of eyes, use glasses while go out.

  • Be careful while applying eye makeup and avoid using cosmetic products in infections. Avoid sharing your cosmetics brushes with others. Usually infection spread through sharing things with each other. If you wear makeup, use good brand and of waterproof mascara and kajal.

  • Use separate handkerchief and towel and avoid sharing them too. Infections usually spread through hands or clothes like towel.

  • Avoid the use of over the counter eye drops. These drops may contain steroids which can prove to be harmful. Always consult an eye professional if you have red eye or any eye related disease.

  • Children love to play in water places and puddles. Personal hygiene has to be kept in mind by parents to keep water born bacteria at bay.

  • To keep your eyes save from all diseases and harmful bacteria and viral attacks, follow my valuable tips. These tips will protect your eyes and you can enjoy rains without any risks.

This post originally appeared on Fashion Central.

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