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4 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Season for Lasik

Whenever we think about summer we tend to focus on our skin, but our eyes require equal amounts of care and attention. Relaxing summer days attract us to more outdoorsy, athletic activities, which all require healthy vision to join in on the fun. Unfortunately, the drive to the beach simply should not happen if you can’t see. With that in mind, imagine all the summer activities that would be impossible without healthy eyesight. If you’re dealing with vision problems like near-nearsightedness, far-farsightedness, or astigmatism, then consider Lasik surgery and make the most of summer before it ends. Lasik is a minimally invasive eye surgery that reduces your need for glasses or contacts. Here are 4 great reasons summer is the perfect season for Lasik.

1.You Can Go Swimming Without Depending On Your Glasses Or Contacts

Lasik surgery would enable you to take your eyes skinny-dipping. This summer you could experience the freedom to swim, splash, and dive with your bare eyes. Your eyes could be free to enjoy the scenery in their most natural and comfortable state. After Lasik, you won’t worry about losing your contacts as you wipe water from your eyes. You also won’t be nervous when someone accidentally splashes water in your eyes because your contacts can’t pop out or dry up if they aren’t there. Moreover, you can finally swim under the water with your eyes open. Lasik can help you make the most of your swimming experiences.

2.You Can Participate In Sports Without Any Visual Adaptations

Most people assume contacts won’t get in the way or fall off your face as easily as glasses would. However, in terms of good, better, best, contacts aren’t actually the best for sports. They still run the risk of falling out and becoming lost. Also, the chances for losing your contacts increase with moderate to high intensity activities such as volleyball or jet skiing. Many people find that their decreased need for contacts and glasses permits them to play sports more freely. Just think how awesome it would be to enjoy summer sports without ever being that person who finds themselves rummaging through the sand for a missing lens.

3.You Can Travel Without Carrying Extra Eye Supplies

When you wear glasses, you always carry the glasses on your face and their case inside your bag. If that sounds like a tongue twister, that’s nothing compared to wearing contacts. When you wear contacts, you carry all of that along with cleaning solution and an extra pair of contacts in case of emergencies. With Lasik, you don’t need to carry any of that stuff. People love traveling during the summer and luggage is stressful enough. Why shouldn’t you minimize the process starting with your health? You can go on day trips, and to other fun summertime adventures with a healthy set of eyes. No contacts or glasses will be necessary to live in the moment.

4.You Can Make Summer Allergies A Lot Less Irritating

In high pollen alert weather, contact lenses can pop out of your eyes. Plus they can develop a small rip, then tear in half. This typically happens when your contacts get dirty from itching and rubbing your eyes. Tears, rips, or dirt in your lenses are extremely uncomfortable. It’s also painful when your contacts get so dried up from allergies that they cling to your actual eyeball like one of those liquid skin bandages. Anyone who wears contacts and suffers from allergies definitely knows the feeling. Furthermore, pollen isn’t the only summer allergen. Insect bites are also typical irritants during the summer months.

This post originally appeared on Marano Eye Care.

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