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LASIK Eye Surgery. Why people choose it?

Have you wondered about LASIK eye surgery, but just couldn’t imagine why some would choose to have the procedure? There are many reasons why people choose laser vision correction so we decided to explore some of those reasons!


For starters, there’s the simple convenience of not having to fuss with contact lenses or glasses. Sure, you may be used to wearing glasses. And yes, you might even feel that the daily contact lenses routine isn't that bad. But can you imagine your life without those ‘inconveniences’?

  • Waking up in the morning and not having to fumble for your glasses to see your alarm clock…

  • Taking your daily run without your glasses bouncing around on your face…

  • Wearing non-prescription sunglasses...

The truth is that choosing LASIK is about more than just improving your vision for convenience sake. It's a way to make meaningful improvements in your quality of life. Let's take a look at why so many have chosen LASIK, and how laser eye surgery can improve your enjoyment of the activities you love most.

Benefits of LASIK for an Active Lifestyle

You work hard, and you play hard. When you're hiking, working out, or going for a swim, vision correction devices are the last thing you want on your mind. With LASIK, you can go about your activities without any interference.

Benefits of LASIK for Your Profession

Whether you are an athlete, work on a construction site, sit behind a desk, or anything in between, LASIK makes it easier to pursue your profession with confidence. If you've lived with life-long glasses or contact lenses, you'll be surprised by the dramatic difference that clear vision could make in your day-to-day work.

LASIK Cost vs Lifetime Glasses & Contact Lenses

LASIK eye surgery is a one-time cost while glasses and contact lenses are an ongoing cost over a lifetime. If you were to do the numbers, you may want consider the following:

  • Glasses can be expensive, especially if you decide to purchase multiple pairs at a time for your different needs. They need to be replaced fairly often, which can be costly if they break unexpectedly.

  • Contact lens wearers have a monthly expense between the contact lenses, solutions, containers, etc. Plus they also must also purchase a pair of glasses to have on hand in case they need them.

  • If you purchase prescription sunglasses, they can be more costly than non-prescription sunglasses.

So while each individual is unique and different, these are just a sample of reasons why many have chosen LASIK eye surgery. Consult with a skilled LASIK professional today to learn more about laser eye surgery and if it might be right for you.

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