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LASIK vs the Hassle of Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses?

If you’re still just thinking about having LASIK, there must be something holding you back. But have you really considered the cost of not having LASIK? That’s where you might be surprised, and it just move you one step closer to getting rid of your glasses and contacts for good.

The Cost of Glasses and Contacts Over Time

Every time you have an eye exam or buy new frames, eyeglass lenses, contacts, drops, or solutions, that’s money you could have been spending on LASIK. Over time this money is going to add up. And the younger you are, the more money that will add up to over time. This is the money you could have saved in all those years or even invested in something productive.

Putting a Price Tag on “Hassle”

Speaking of hassle, this is where the real costs of not having LASIK can start to add up.

Here are some of the top “hassles” of wearing glasses and contacts. It’s up to you to decide how much these are costing you!

1. The sleep factor: If you’re a contact lens wearer, taking out your contacts every night and putting them back in every morning can be a real pain. Ever had one of those nights where you’re just too tired to possibly do one more thing before hitting the pillow and then—UGH—you remember you still need to take out your contacts? Wouldn’t it be nice to just head straight to bed for a change?If you do decide that you’re just too tired to take out your contacts for a night, you might get stuck paying the price in the morning with dry, scratchy eyes. That’s just another perk of those pesky contact lenses!

2. The cost of convenience factor: If you’re fortunate enough to wear overnight contacts and don’t have to take them out every night, good for you. But it’s likely this convenience costs you more than other types of contacts. Don’t forget—every penny you spend on contacts is money you could be using to pay for LASIK!

3. The dirt factor: Whether you wear glasses or contacts, dirty lenses are no fun. Sometimes, no matter what you do and no matter what expensive cleansers you use, it might feel like you just can’t get that invisible dirt off of your lenses. That means a less than comfortable experience when they are in your eyes.

4. The scratch factor: Once you get that deep scratch right in your line of sight on your eye glasses—that can be a real bummer. You can either live with the scratch and just pretend to ignore it or you can give in and buy a new lens. The first option is a nuisance, and the second is just using up money that could have gone into your LASIK fund. Unless you live in a bubble, it’s probably nearly impossible to avoid the dreaded scratch.

5. The broken factor: A scratch might seem like less of a big deal if it’s being compared to broken frames. You might take pristine care of your glasses most of the time, but there’s inevitably going to be that ill-fated moment when your frames meet the bottom of a shoe or the grip of a spirited two-year old. However broken frames transpire, they can be a serious problem, especially if your back-up eyeglasses are either non-existent or horribly out of date (prescription- or style-wise!). And if the frames you happen to break are your prescription sunglasses, you’ll be left squinting until the reinforcements come in. Until you can get a full-time replacement pair, there are going to be a few struggles that you’ll just have to deal with.

6. The ruined vacation factor: Eyeglass and contact lens wearers probably agree…when you can’t see, it’s pretty difficult to enjoy a vacation. When you’re packing you might try to prepare for all of the possible scenarios related to your vision, such as packing an extra set (or two) of contact lenses or packing your spare glasses. But sometimes, the cards just don’t line up in your favor. Perhaps your luggage gets lost or you don’t have the necessary spare on you when the ripped contact lens/broken frame strikes. This can certainly be less than ideal if you’re in the middle of an adventure. If you don’t have the proper eye wear with you right when you need it, it can be hard to make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

This post originally appeared on Saddle Back Eye.

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