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Top Reasons To Get LASIK This Winter

Winter is here, and if you've been thinking about LASIK surgery, now is the perfect time to have it. With LASIK surgery, you can enjoy the winter season without the everyday annoyances of glasses or contacts.

Here are some of the top reasons why winter is a great time to have LASIK vision correction.

1. Help Prevent Dry Eyes

If you wear contacts, you may have noticed that your eyes get very dry during the winter. Contacts can exacerbate dry eyes caused by a lack of humidity in the air, and can cause symptoms such as irritation, itchiness, and redness. LASIK can help significantly to manage dry eye problems in the winter through eliminating your need for contacts.

2. No More Fogged-Up Glasses

When temperatures outside drop, the struggle with condensation on your glasses begins. Fogged-up glasses can be a huge pain when walking around outside or going in and out of buildings. In addition, everyone who has worn glasses knows the pain of going outside in the rain. Constantly wiping your glasses so you can see can get old pretty fast, but LASIK can help you never face this problem again.

3. Allergies Are Minimal

Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies in the spring and summer months. With seasonal allergies comes itchy, watery eyes, or, conversely, dry eyes. Getting LASIK eye surgery in the winter means you don’t have to deal with seasonal allergy symptoms as you recuperate from your procedure.

4. New Year, New You

Having excellent new eyesight might just be on your New Year’s resolutions list. Plenty of people get LASIK in the winter because the timing makes sense for them. “New Year, New Me” is a phrase we hear all the time in January, so it’s understandable that many people would want their laser eye surgery performed in the winter. A fresh start is on just about everyone’s New Year’s list, and getting wonderful new eyesight is about as “New Me” as it gets.

This post originally appeared on Kirk Eye Centre.

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