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10 Struggles of People Wearing Glasses

Being visually impaired is such an inconvenience. We, at Laser Vision Centre, truly understand this:

1. When your nose gets sweaty and your glasses fall off your face.

It's not that you're particularly sweaty, but your glasses always make the bridge of your nose extra slippery and keep slipping down, so you go around pushing them up all day.

2. You have limited peripheral vision wearing glasses.

You can only see what is in the squares of your lenses, and those don't move with your eyes as you look up and down and your frames block your side views.

3. When your prescription is due for an update so you walk around not being able to see anything for a few weeks.

You pretend that everything is okay, but really you are squinting to see the board in class and don't recognize friends from a distance anymore.

4. When people want to try your glasses on.

Yes, I am blind. And no, you do not look cute with my glasses on. Please give them back so I can see; they are not your toy.

5. When you can't find your glasses because you need your glasses to find things.

6. Trying to to put makeup while blind.

I tried to look cute, but I couldn't see what I was doing.

7. When it rains and you can't see anything.

They should really make windshield wipers for these things.

8. When your glasses fog up.

All I did was try to eat some hot haleem, and now the whole world is blurry.

9. Sunglasses.

You can't wear both sunglasses and glasses so you have to go with the sun in your eyes, get prescription sunglasses, or put in contacts.​ We feel the struggle Prime Minister Imran Khan!

10. When people don't recognize you without your glasses.

So, let's end this unnecessary struggle and experience visual freedom with LASIK.

This post is inspired from by Megan Manning

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