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Top Eye Exercises To Boost Your Vision

Do your eyes start to feel more tired than usual? Have you noticed that the longer you stare at your digital screens, the more fatigued, sore, or even dry they become?

Nowadays, most eye problems aren’t even age-related. They happen simply because of negligence and failure to focus on our body’s health. They also happen as a result of not prioritizing preventative health. This means, doing what you can before that common eye problem becomes a common eye disease.

If you ever lose your eyesight, you lose a vital part of enjoying life. Here are a few eye exercises you can do yourself to strengthen your eye muscles, and prevent them from failing you earlier than expected. Trust us, do these every day, and your body will thank you.

Simple Eye Exercises

1. Healing through warmth

Rub your palms briskly together, until you can feel them heating up. Then, quickly place the warmest part of each palm directly over your closed eyes. Feel the warmth soothing your tired eye muscles. Repeat as many times as you wish.

2. Rolling exercises

Rolling your eyes around in their sockets can strengthen them. But there’s a technique here: First, look up with both eyes, without moving your head. Look as high up to the ceiling as possible. Now, start to slowly circle them 10 times clockwise, making sure to look as far as you can to the edge of your head each time. Afterwards, repeat the same circular motion another 10 times, this round will be counterclockwise.

3. Focusing Exercises

Hold a pen at arm’s length, and gaze on it till you can focus on this point. Move it towards you slowly, then back out again, and then return it inwards. What you need to do is try to focus only on the pen. Repeat this at least 10 times.

4. Massage

Anytime you are feeling tired and worn out, practice self-massage. Take your first two fingers, and use circular motions to massage your temples. Then, flip your hands palms up, and take your two thumbs to the center of your forehead. Massage again here. If you ever go to a professional masseuse, take note of the type of head massage techniques they do on you, and try to recreate the simpler ones at home.

5. Blink Often

Blinking is important, When we blink, our pupils are moisturized with the tiny tears. This helps get rid of toxins and irritants that are always trying to find their way into our body. If you are doing long hours at a computer, or Netflix bingeing, try to not stare too long without blinking. Blinking lubricates and protects your eyes.

Doing simple exercises will help your vision. Especially if you have begun to notice floaters or unusual bursts of light in the corner of your eye. The best thing is that these exercises are easy, free, and can be done anywhere you are.

Doing eye exercises daily will help increase your chances of improved eyesight, even as you get older.

Follow up these exercises with regular visits to your eye doctor. Even if you think you have perfect eyesight, a visit to a professional eye doctor will help you know if there are any symptoms you need to treat.

This post originally appeared on Silverstein Eye Center

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