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4 Common Questions about LASIK

When it comes to eye procedures like LASIK, it’s normal for many to have eye-related questions.

A few common questions you may have about LASIK are:

  • What should you expect?

  • Will you feel pain?

  • Can your procedure go wrong?

  • Will you have to keep away from activities you love?

Although having some questions or concerns about a medical procedure is understandable, you have nothing to worry about!

#1: What should you expect? The fear of not knowing what to expect is valid. However, you should take comfort in the fact that LASIK has a very high success rate of over 99%, and complications are exceedingly rare.

LASIK is performed using advanced laser technology in combination with a skilled surgeon. Each patient is given numbing eye drops to prevent discomfort. The procedure takes around ten minutes per eye, and recovery is quick and easy. Patients can typically see right after their surgery and return to regular activity within 24-48 hours.

#2: Will you feel pain?

The fear of pain or discomfort during the procedure is one of the most common fears about LASIK. This worry is understandable; that’s why, to prevent discomfort during the procedure, surgeons give the patients numbing eye drops.

Some patients do experience a slight pressure for around 15 seconds while the laser and mechanism perform the procedure. Following LASIK, eye doctors will give patients eye shields to protect their eyes for the next 24 hours and while they’re sleeping in the following days. Patients also receive additional eye drops to help with their recovery and any potential post-LASIK discomfort.

#3: Can the procedure go wrong?

Nearly all patients who undergo LASIK achieve 20/20 or better eyesight after recovery. If a complication does occur, your doctor can perform an enhancement to correct the complication and improve your vision.

But along with a high success rate, LASIK comes with various benefits—like freedom from glasses or contacts and saving money in the long run—that far outweigh the costs.

#4: Will you be kept away from activities you love?

LASIK doesn’t typically require a long recovery time, so you can soon return to your everyday routine. Most patients are able to see clearly within the first 24 hours. Your eye doctor will be able to walk you through what your potential recovery will look like and what you should do to ensure your procedure is as successful as possible.

Immediately following LASIK, eye doctors will advise patients to wear their eye shields for a few nights to prevent rubbing their eyes while they sleep. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities within days of their eye procedure.

While LASIK can seem intimidating at first, the benefits of living with clear vision are priceless. To learn if you’re eligible for a corrective eye procedure, speak to an eye care professional. Don’t wait another day to experience the freedom of clear vision!

This post originally appeared on Williamson Eye Institute.


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