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4 Ways LASIK Helps You Beat the Heat

Is it just us or has it been one of the hottest summers? It has been hot hot hot!

Want to know what makes the heat even worse? Dealing with your annoying glasses or contacts. Seriously, think about it.

Do you really want to deal with those on top of being sweaty and uncomfortable? We didn’t think so! Keep reading for 4 ways LASIK helps you beat the heat!

1. No more glasses sliding down your nose

Ugh, this is the worst. When it’s nice outside, glasses are…okay. But hot weather and glasses…that’s a nope from us.

Sweat is pouring off you as you do…well, anything in this heatwave. Your glasses are sliding, your hands are sweaty, your hair is wet. It’s just a mess, folks. What if you could say goodbye to all this?

You can, with LASIK! No more glasses! No more sweaty one finger pull-ups as you try to push your glasses up your nose, again.

No more marks on your nose because your glasses have become cemented to your face. Sounds nice, right?

2. No more contacts drying out as you try to stay cool under the A/C

If you’re lucky, you’ve spent the last few hot weekends freezing in front of your air conditioner. We’re jealous, okay?

But with contacts, this becomes so much more complicated than it needs to be. Here’s why:

Contacts are all fine and good until you get near any kind of heat or cooling source. Heater, hairdryer, air conditioner, you name it.

These sources never fail to dry out our eyes if we’re wearing our contacts. It’s not fair! All we wanted was to enjoy some time away from our glasses and the sweaty frame struggle.

But instead, our contacts got majorly dried out from being too close to the AC. What gives?

Contacts involve putting them over the surface of your eye. This reduces the amount of moisture and oxygen your eyes have access to. This is then exacerbated if you’re around something like say, the AC.

Let’s talk LASIK

LASIK is pretty much the solution! Yes, it does involve a short recovery period where you need to be more careful than normal with your eyes.

But after this recovery period, you can see. We’re talking crystal clear vision. Like the best vision of your life vision. LASIK has evolved to the point where you end up with the clearest vision you’ve ever had. All because you had LASIK.

Yes, you’ll have better vision than you did with glasses or contacts. So you’ll be able to see without glasses or contacts and you’ll be able to see better than you saw with them!

3. You can spend more time under fans

If you’re not lucky enough to have air conditioning, you can at least spend more time under fans after LASIK.

There are a lot of urban legends out there about LASIK, including the fact that the procedure is painful. Newsflash: it’s actually not!

Before the procedure, your surgeon will apply numbing eye drops. These numbing eye drops do exactly what it sounds like they should: numb your eyes.

That means you won’t feel any pain during LASIK.

4. Your sunglasses game will be on point

Look, you might be sweaty, but at least your sunglasses game will be on point. After LASIK, you can wear whatever sunglasses you want.

Cat-eye frames? Yours. Aviators? Never looked hotter! What about a little retro block frame action? You’ve got that too!

LASIK means there’s no more need for expensive prescription sunglasses. Okay, sure, you could have worn other sunglasses before if you wore contacts.

But let’s not forget the annoyances that contact lenses brought. They certainly made summertime with the air conditioner a little too frustrating, right?

And they dry your eyes out at the worst times, or your contacts would pop out and get lost forever. Come on, we’ve all been there.

The point still stands that contacts can be anything but convenient! After LASIK, you can wear any sunglasses you want and your eyes will be more comfortable.

Oh, and your vision will basically be HD.

This post originally appeared on Eye Physicians of Long Beach.


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