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Caring for Your Eyes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While facial masks and hand sanitizers are mandatory as a preventive measure against coronavirus (COVID-19), eye care specialists have stressed that as the virus can transmit through the eyes too, people should avoid wearing contact lenses to curb its spread. Those who wear contact lenses have a tendency towards rubbing their eyes, which can allow the virus to get into the eyes.

Staring at laptop, television and mobile phone has increased several folds during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to work from home, you might be spending most of your time glued to your laptop screen and the other half of the day must be spent watching movies or scrolling through your phone. This excess of screen time usually tires our eyes to the maximum extent.

Here are a few eye care tips that you must follow to keep your eyes healthy:

This post originally appeared on Ophthalmic Consultants of London.


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