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Do’s and Don’ts after LASIK

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The ability to see clearly can positively impact your career and your personal relationships. Unfortunately, millions are visually impaired and unable to fully enjoy these positive experiences without using corrective eyewear.

With the advent of LASIK surgery, more people are now able to see clearly without the daily hassle of wearing and maintaining glasses or contact lenses.

Proper care after LASIK is extremely important to ensure a prompt recovery so that you can go back to your normal activities as soon as possible. However, there are guidelines to be followed to make sure you don’t stop the natural healing process.

Most people return to work within a day of their LASIK procedure, but it’s important making sure you follow the following steps for a smooth laser eye surgery recovery:

1. On the day of your surgery make sure someone can drive you home after the procedure has been completed. You can drive the next day as long as your vision is clear and if you can see a number plate at 25 meters. Your doctor will advise you if you meet the visual standards for driving at your postoperative check.

2. You can fly the day following your procedure.

3. We ideally suggest you take a nap for the 4 hours following the procedure when you get home, after having put the first dose of your eye drops. Patients who rest for the day of their procedure tend to recover even quicker.

4. Don’t take a shower or wash your hair on the day of your surgery. Be very careful and avoid getting tap water, soap, lotions or hairspray in your eyes for a couple of weeks. Your lashes may become sticky because of accumulated material. Make sure you clean them using a cotton bud soaked in warm boiled water- stroking the lashes away from your eyelids.

5. Wait for four weeks after surgery before using mascara on your eyes; all the other make-up can be used from 2 days after surgery. It is also best to use new products in your eyes to avoid contamination.

6. Wait for 72 hours before going back working on computers.

7. You can go back to shopping, housework or gardening the day after your procedure but make sure you avoid dirty, smoky and dusty environments.

8. Protect your eyes from sunshine by wearing sunglasses for at least one week after your surgery.

This post originally appeared on Centre for Sight.


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