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How many people have had the LASIK procedure?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Laser Eye Surgery has exploded over the last few decades to become one of the world’s most popular elective procedures.

Famous faces of the celebrity and fashion world such as Nichole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, and Brad Pitt have undergone LASIK for a freer and more adaptable look.

Many of the world’s greatest performers such as Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo have chosen to retire their rims for a life of improved performance and limitless vision. Not to mention the thousands of people around the globe who have opted for the surgery to improve their quality of life.

It’s no wonder so many people have had the procedure: with relatively minimal risks, affordable costs, and an extensive list of benefits, such as immediate vision improvement, decreased risk of infection, and heightened visual acuity, LASIK brings positive results with little to none of the fuss of conventional surgery.

And as the technology, safety, and effectiveness continues to increase, Laser Eye Surgery only becomes even more popular. This makes it difficult to state a definitive number of all the people who have ever had the procedure, but its safe to say that its in the millions.

Why do so many people have LASIK?

So what is it that drives all these people to make the leap? After all, LASIK is an ‘elective’ procedure that it is possible to live without. Expanding on some of the reasons mentioned above, here’s a brief look at why people choose to have LASIK:

The risks of long-term contact lens use

Many organizations including the FDA have announced concerns over the risks of wearing contact lenses over the long term. As they sit directly on the surface of the eye, they not only deprive the eye of oxygen but also put the wearer at risk of infection.

Freedom to engage in sport and recreational activities

With glasses being an impossibility in most active sports and activities, such as martial arts, pilates, and skiing, and contact lenses being both hazardous and restrictive, particularly in water sports and swimming, many people have LASIK to attain complete freedom in their leisure.

Even if you are not the sporty type, the ability to roll around with the kids without worrying about your eyes can prove a more than adequate reason.

Appearance and confidence

Some people may consider having LASIK solely for aesthetics as an unnecessary risk or even pure vanity — but the reality is it’s far from it.

Today it’s possible to get LASIK done with almost no chance of complications arising. This opens up LASIK as an ideal way for people who may lack confidence when wearing glasses to improve their quality of life.

This post originally appeared on London Vision Clinic.


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