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LASIK Provides Clear and Independent Vision During These Difficult Times

The new normal consists of wearing masks in public spaces, which has proven a huge inconvenience for people that are reliant on their prescription glasses. Contact lens wearers have also faced struggles in terms of refraining from touching their eyes and making sure that their lenses stay clean. Everything has changed, causing many people to reevaluate their dependence on corrective lenses.

In a time of uncertainty, many people want to control as many factors of their life as they can. This is why LASIK is even more sought-after than before. 

Wearing masks in public has become a necessity, which is both a blessing and a curse for many people. On one hand, this medical tool is significantly decreasing the number of infections being spread. On the other hand, it is incredibly inconvenient for people who also rely on glasses to see.

Many masks are made without consideration of someone that wears glasses. This means that the mask requires constant adjustment, which is dangerous in the sense that the person must frequently touch their face, around their eyes, to shift their glasses around the mask. Then, even with constant adjustment, these masks will cause a person’s glasses to fog up, significantly, impairing their vision.

Since the start of the pandemic, some masks have been tweaked to bend at the nose in order to decrease the amount of fogging; however, it is not one-hundred-percent effective. When someone breathes in a mask, the water vapor becomes concentrated and then seeps out of the edges of the mask, landing on the surface of the glasses.

Foggy glasses can provide a huge inconvenience for someone who is just trying to buy their groceries or walk down the street. It can lower their self-confidence and cause anxiety in an already nerve-inducing situation.

Contact wearers are experiencing a different kind of inconvenience and risk. LASIK surgeons have greatly warned against the use of contacts during this pandemic because they require constant contact with the eye.

The danger of touching an unclean surface and then touching your eye is much greater with someone who wears contacts than with someone who wears glasses. So, while you don’t have to face fogged up glasses with contacts, you do have to consider the cleanliness of your hands and your interaction with your eyes at all times.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems that many people are starting to discover. Laser eye surgery is a safe, effective procedure that has been available for decades.

Since the advancement of laser technology and more in-depth studies of the eye, LASIK is now able to provide better results and patient satisfaction rates than ever before. LASIK is a long-term solution to vision problems that can offer patients independence from their corrective lenses. During difficult times like these, having clarity of sight that you can rely on is an invaluable gift.

This post originally appeared on Excel Eye.


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