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New Year’s Resolution: Ditch the Glasses and Go for LASIK

Are you still trying to figure out what your New Year’s resolutions are? Are you unsure of how to start the new year off on a positive note?

The most impactful way to start off a new year is to do something that improves your quality of life or health. A procedure that accomplishes both of these things is getting LASIK.

Everyone who wears glasses or contact lenses has wished they didn’t need to at least a time or two. It can be a hassle to keep up with glasses or to remember to order new contacts. LASIK is an excellent solution for some people who are tired of keeping up with glasses or contacts.

LASIK, explained

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. Your doctor uses a laser to reshape your cornea. LASIK can correct several different vision problems, including:

  • Nearsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Astigmatism

Each issue requires a different technique to correct, but they are all performed using laser technology, and so fall into the category of LASIK.

You’re awake during the procedure, but our staff makes sure you’re comfortable. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes.

Benefits of LASIK

1. Freedom to Enjoy

When you go out to play sports or want to spend a weekend with friends or family there is no need to carry extra supplies of contacts or glasses in case one breaks. You will be free to make memories with crystal, clear vision.

2. More self-confidence

Some glasses may detract from a person’s natural beauty. Many people try to hide behind the glasses, but with LASIK you can regain your self-confidence.

3. Clearer vision

Here’s a chance to see better on waking each morning. Imagine when you look into your child’s eyes when they come to wake you up instead of fumbling for your glasses on the nightstand first.

4. Chance to do more

Your glasses will not fall off your face while cleaning your living space. Hot and cold temperature changes never fog up your eyes. Furthermore, you can finish your gym sessions or workouts without the constant hassle of glasses falling off your face.

5. Reduce Your Health Expenses

When you have to spend money on contacts, contact solution, and glasses, it’s expensive. LASIK does have an upfront cost, but over time it will save you money.

Getting LASIK lets you save money and reduce your health-related expenses. Eventually, LASIK even starts to pay for itself! Think about it!

6. Use your face mask comfortably

Don't you just hate it when you're wearing a facemask alongside glasses and your glasses keep fogging up. With LASIK, you will never have to face this problem again and you can keep living your life comfortably.

Are you ready to improve your vision? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Laser Vision Centre now!

2021 may be starting, but why should you go through the new year relying on glasses and contacts? LASIK is your first step to visual freedom!


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