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Unexpected Benefits of LASIK

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

The majority of the candidates for LASIK are simply happy enough with the freedom from glasses and contacts. What they often overlook are some of the more subtle benefits they’ll receive on a daily basis.

These subtle benefits are what make LASIK uniquely special and life changing for patients. Let’s take a look at the top 5 unexpected benefits patients receive when they choose LASIK.

You Save Money in the Long Run

Lasik is a one-time investment in perfect vision. Thinking about it in the long run, you’re saving thousands that would have originally gone toward frames, lenses, contacts, contact solution, and optometrist appointments. You’ll also no longer be at risk of accidentally breaking your glasses and scrambling to buy a replacement pair. A one-time investment that will rid you of all eye wear costs.

Improved Self Confidence and Enhanced Lifestyle

Lifestyle benefits are endless with Lasik. For parents of young children that wish to provide safety for their children regardless of the situation – playing in the surf, rough-housing at home, or trying to escape an emergency. Parents want to be available for even the simplest but important tasks, like finding one’s way through the house at night when a child needs you. Another lifestyle benefit with Lasik is the freedom to travel without the hassle of glasses and contacts. Image the convenience of having less to pack, less to care for, and perhaps, most important, less to lose.

You’ll no longer find yourself being self-conscious because of your bulky frames, or constantly pushing your glasses up as they slide down your nose. You’ll have a newfound confidence that you never thought possible. You’ll want to take on the world. Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel a little like you’ve gone from shy Clark Kent to fearless Superman.

Enhanced Sports and Recreational Freedom

If you’ve ever had to wear glasses while trying to play sports you know that it can be extremely frustrating and limiting. No one wants to risk breaking their glasses and having to buy new ones nor does anyone want to wear bulky, uncomfortable sports goggles.

With LASIK , all of these daunting issues and unattractive scenarios disappear. No longer will you have to deal with sweat dripping down on your lenses or risk taking off your goggles only to be left with a perfect imprint of them on your skin. Now, because of LASIK, your vision is sharper than it’s ever been and you no longer have to deal with the issues of sports and eye wear.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Anyone who wears contacts can tell you how often you’re required to touch your eyes. Every day you need put your contacts in, take them out, and if one of the lenses gets moved out of place, you’re forced to readjust and touch your eye until you get it back to where it needs to be.

To make matters worse, if you have bad allergies, your eyes will begin to itch like never before. All sorts of pollen can get on your hands and fingers, and then when you go to remove contact lens all the pollen gets caught on your eye. Anyone who’s ever experienced this can tell you that it’s not a very pleasant experience.

Once you have LASIK you are no longer required to touch your eyes. No more fishing around your eyeball to find that contact lens that’s slipped to what feels like the other side of your eye. You really won’t have any reason to touch your eyes anymore, which in turn, will drastically reduce the risk of itchy eyes from allergies.

This post originally appeared on Virginia Eye Consultants.


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