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Winter Eye Care Tips

Winters sure are a wonderful time.

However, don’t forget to take good care of your eyes just as you wouldn’t forget cozying up before leaving for outside, because dry air and sun glare can take a toll on your eyes.

Being careless towards your eyes can be quite problematic if you already have irritated and dry eyes.

So, here are some simple but effective winter eye care tips on how to take care of eyes through this lovely season ahead.

Factors That Can Impact Your Vision in Winter

Before we get to the eye care tips for winter specifically, let’s first get introduced with the factors that can impact your vision through winter.

1. Outdoor Dry Air

2. UV Radiation

3. Warm Indoor Air

Winter Eye Care Tips

Now, let's get to the eye care tips that can help you achieve optimal eye health through the winters. In fact, we have divided the tips into a few categories, i.e.:

A: Taking Care of Dry Eyes in Winter

One of the biggest issues your eyes can face during winter is the loss of moisture, but the good thing is that you can work around this problem through different ways, such as:

1: Regulate the Temperature Indoors:

Turning down your heating to a mild temperature can be the best thing for ensuring ample moisture retention in your eyes.

2: Blink Excessively:

One effective way to get around dry eyes is to blink more, so that our eyes continue to produce enough lubrication in form of tears.

3: Don’t Linger Around Heat Sources:

In places and situations where heating is on without a humidifier, it’s better for people with dry eyes to distance themselves from heat sources like heaters.

B: Regulating Your Diet

Visual function is designed to function effectively as a cohesive unit of a machine and diet happens to serve as the fuel of that machinery. So, for seamless performance of all body functions including the visual function, you better regulate your diet. Here is how:

4: Add Cold Water Fish to Your Diet:

Cold water fish are packed with omega-3 based essential fatty acids, which are considered helpful in retaining moisture in your eyes.

5: Hydrating Yourself is the Key:

Enough moisture in your eyes means fewer problems for them to run through the cold season.

C: Eye Hygiene

Eye hygiene is yet another way to ensure optimal eye health not only in winter, but all year round. So, let’s have a look at which aspects of eye hygiene will help you make the best of your eye wellbeing through the winter.

6: Keep Your Eyes Clean:

First off, don’t let laziness hinder with your eye hygiene. Make sure you go to bed after you’ve washed your face thoroughly, on a regular basis. If you get lazy about this simple act, quite a few things from makeup residues to sweat and germs can eventually mess up with your eye health.

Sharing is caring, fine enough, but it better not involve sharing your makeup and brushes, because you never know what the other person might have on their skin or eyes.

7: Keep Your Hands Busy Elsewhere:

Although you might rub your eyes with the intention of doing so only for one time in a bid to get some relief from dry eyes, but it is most likely to be only a temporary sort of relief.

You don’t know whether or not you had some harmful bacteria or virus making its way to your eyes “that one time”.

D: Take Good Care of Your Eyes

In fact, this is all about it …. taking good care of your eyes in the first place. So, here are some more effective winter eye care tips for you to make some good use of:

8: Keep a Safe Distance from Electronic Devices – Try 20:20:20 Rule:

This involves removing your eyes from any screen and looking at something else at least 20 feet away from you for a minimum of 20 seconds. This helps in reducing digital eyestrain, which can eventually affect your vision negatively.

This post originally appeared on Iris Vision.


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